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After eyelash extensions is grafted, nurse with these 4 practical methods, eyelash is not disorderly, lasting again

January 02, 2020

First, about getting wet

(1) as the curing of eyelash glue needs time, do not get wet in the dense type within 6 hours and keep it dry and clean.

(2) please avoid eyelashes when washing your face.Bath water does not go straight to eyelash, lest hydraulic pressure is too big blunt eyelash was out of shape.

(3) long time sauna, swimming, or sun exposure, avoid high temperature and humidity environment for a long time.

Second, about makeup

(1) try not to wear eyeliner, mascara, if the occasion calls for strengthening colour makeup effect, must be available to do, use the tip of a soft eyeliner, besmear outside the eyelash root, eyelash eyelash root grafting words, cannot use discharge makeup clean, so can't eyeliner, mascara do not besmear in the root, in order to clean.

(2) also cannot use eyelash clip, lest eyelash furcate falls off.If feel not enough roll becomes warped, when grafting again can choose roll becomes warped.

(3) can not be added to stick false eyelash again above, because of the glue of false eyelash stickiness is big, when removing glue eyelash unavoidably make mess.

Third, about the cleaning of eyelashes

Gently pull up eyelid, with wet cotton swab, want from top downward along eyelash, wipe slowly to root, if have secretion, soak a little for a while, wiped off.

The powdery bottom when making up, fall on eyelash, when cleaning, usable wet paper towel wipes slightly, or small brush wets sweep to float sink.

Fourth, about the discharge of eyelashes

After the eyelash of grafting begins to fall off, the eyelash modelling that remains is not beautiful, at this time, must not pull oneself break off, break off forcibly can damage primitive eyelash.Be sure to go to the store and ask the beautician to remove it with professional removal water!To prevent eyelash to become disorderly, do not often rub an eye in the life, do not press to eyelash when sleeping

Above is Shared for everybody after grafting eyelash, make up, clean, discharge, arrange wait for detailed nursing method.Although takes care and grafting time, hey hey, become beautiful don't bother, the key is, really make mediocrity becomes outstanding, although there are a lot of inconvenience, it's worth a try, you see the innate beautiful the stars are so hard, we may can't be a lazy woman oh, eyelash grafting to go home, can't be too lazy, these five practical skills, did, eyelash is not disorderly, and durable.